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Paint as you like and die happy.  (Henry Miller)


Art by Rachel - Original Watercolors
The Newest Paintings Gallery


About My Pack
The Aquarium Gallery
The Aviary Gallery
  I Assorted Birds
 II Tropical Birds
   III Those Magnificent Macaws
   IV The Bird Cage -
Watercolors of My  Floyd
V Toucans & Toucanets
The Zoo Gallery
 I  Great Cats & Small
   II The Animal Patterns Gallery
III The Wolf Pack
   IV Assorted Animals
V The Reptile House
VI The Butterfly House
The Dog House Gallery
The Garden Gallery I -
I Assorted Florals
II Delphiniums
III Morning Glories
IV Chrysanthemums
V  Rhododendrons/Azaleas
VI Lilacs
VII Gladiolus
VIII Elephant Ears


IX Freesias
X Tulips
XI Columbines
XII Hong Kong Orchid Tree
XIII Poinsettias
The Garden Gallery II - Lilies
 I Calla Lilies
 II Canna Lilies
III Amaryllis
 IV Assorted Lilies
The Garden Gallery III - Iris,  Wisteria, Lotus, Poppies, & Others
I Iris
 II Wisteria
III Lotus
IV Poppies
V Narcissus
VI Hibiscus
VII Peonies
VIII Orchids
IX Sunflowers
X Magnolia Blossoms
   I The Stained Glass Garden Gallery
   II  The African Garden Gallery
    III The Abstract Vineyard Gallery
IV The Grape Vine Gallery
V The Tropical Garden Gallery
The Forest Gallery
I The Misty Forest
 II The Spring Forest
  III The Autumn Forest
The Abstract Arboretum Gallery
    I Abstract Willow Trees
II Abstract Banana Trees
 III Assorted Abstract Trees

 IV The Four Seasons

V By the Light of the Moon


   I The Mask Gallery - Venetian Carnival Costumes and Masks
     II Portraits and Figure Studies Gallery
    III Miscellaneous Watercolors Gallery
  IV The Still Life Gallery
V Watercolors on Watercolor Canvas
VI The Mandala Gallery

The Landscapes Gallery I
I Seascapes
II Landscapes of Puerto Rico
III Landscapes of Greece
 IV The Sunset Collection
The Landscapes Gallery II
   I Impressions of New York City
     II Landscapes of Morocco
III Landscapes of Venice
 IV Assorted Landscapes
The Gallery of Philosophical Statements in Watercolor
The Chinese Paintings Gallery
    I Traditional Style Chinese Painting Gallery
    II Western Style Chinese Painting Gallery
Tribute to My Grandfather, August H. O. Rolle, American Impressionist Landscape Painter
The Watercolor Pencil/Crayon Paintings Gallery
 I  Fauna
 II Florals
The Pastels Gallery
l Oil Pastels
ll Soft Pastels
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